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The Model 2055 Altitude Alert is a pocket sized, portable, battery powered device that provides a pilot with a visual and a voice warning as the aircraft approaches a pre-selected altitude, or drifts from an assigned altitude. The unit incorporates a digital LCD display for readout of altitude and instructions. Simple switch operations allow setting the current barometric pressure, as well as the assigned altitude for climb or descent. The unit incorporates a speaker to play the voice messages. A cable assembly is also included allowing the voice messages to also play through the pilots headset.

On power up, the LCD reads "BAR-PRES 29.92" The up and down buttons are used to set the correct barometric pressure. A simple push of the STEP switch advances the display to the SET CLIMB mode. The climb altitude is now entered. Once the aircraft has taken off, pushing the STEP switch starts the CLIMB mode. When the aircraft is about 1000 ft above or below the selected altitude, the display flashes, and the voice message "APPROACHING ALTITUDE" will be heard. Once the aircraft is established at an assigned altitude, a switch push places the unit in the monitor mode. If the aircraft varies more than 150 feet from the altitude it was at when the switch was pushed, the voice message "CHECK ALTITUDE" will be heard.

Pushing the up and down switches together places the unit in the altitude mode. The unit functions as a backup altimeter, and displays the aircraft altitude. The unit will operate about 10 hrs. on a standard 9v battery. A low battery indicator is included. The unit features an auto shutoff to prevent dead batteries.

Click here to read the instruction manual for the Altitude Alert.

Product Overview


  • For VFR & IFR pilots.
  • Provides visual & voice messages.
  • Alerts when approaching an assigned altitude.
  • Alerts when drifting more than 150 feet from an assigned altitude.
  • Functions as a backup digital altimeter.
  • Incorporates low battery warning and auto shutoff.
  • No installation required.

P/N 2055

A Portable, Pocket sized Altitude Alert