• Produces instantly recognizable voice warnings for stall and gear warning heard directly in the pilots headset and through the built in speaker.
  • This system is STC approved as a replacement for the Electronic Dual Warning Unit used on Cessna Retractable Gear Aircraft.

P/N 2040-1-2-P VOICE ALERT

Instantly recognizable voice warnings


Product Overview




The P/N 2040-1-1P Voice Alert and the P/N 2040-1-2P Voice Alert are similar to the P/N 2040-1-1 Voice Alert and the P/N2040-1-2 Voice Alert except that the "P" units are provided with an STC that allows the Voice Alert to be installed in the aircraft as the primary warning in place of the original stall and gear warning enunciator. For example, the Cessna retractable aircraft are equipped with an electronic dual warning unit that produces the warning sound for both the stall and the gear position. Replacement parts for these dual warning units are no longer available. This STC allows the Voice Alert units to be installed in the Cessna aircraft in place of the existing dual warning units.

Whenever the existing stall horn sounds, the pilot will hear the instantly recognizable voice message "STALL, STALL" from the built in speaker, and directly in his headset. If the gear warning horn sounds, the pilot will hear the voice message "CHECK LANDING GEAR, CHECK LANDING GEAR" alerting of the problem.

Installation of the "P" systems is similar to the P/N 2040-1-2 or the P/N 2040-1-1 system. The P/N 2040-1-1P system can be configured with additional warning voices just as the P/N 2040-1-1 system can. Refer to the section on the P/N 2040-1-1 for details.​

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