• Can't hear your gear or stall horn with your headset on?
  • Voice Alert provides instantly recognizable voice warnings heard directly in your headset whenever your stall or gear horn sounds.
  • Can be connected to up to 8 additional devices to provide voice warnings heard directly in your headset.
  • Designed and approved for both fixed and retractable gear aircraft.​

P/N 2040-1-1 VOICE ALERT

Convert your stall & gear horns and other warnings to voice messages     

Oil Pressure
Turbine Temperature
Fuel Pressure
Cabin Pressure

The following is a listing of the standard voice messages that the purchaser can choose from to have the device programmed with.

Standard Voice Messages



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The P/N 2040-1-1 Voice Alert is similar to the P/N 2040-1-2 Voice Alert except that it has the capability of being connected to up to 8 additional devices  that provide warning alerts in addition to the aircraft stall and gear warnings (10 voice messages total). Whenever any of these devices sound an alert, the pilot will hear an instantly recognizable voice warning directly in his headset and through the built in speaker. All warning voices except the stall and gear warnings sound twice then stop. The warning will nor repeat unless the activating signal is removed then re-initiated. The stall and gear warnings will sound continuously until the activating source is removed. The only requirement is that these devices have a connection for an external enunciator, or have the capability of producing an electrical voltage change when alerting. These devices can be a variety of things such as altitude alerts, temperature indicators, pressure indicators, fuel quantity, etc. Each system is individually programmed to match the purchaser's needs. The purchaser must provide us with information on what voice messages he wants as selected from our standard list, and information on whether each warning is activated by a ground or a voltage signal. Please contact the factory if you need a system with voice messages other than our standard list, or need a device with a special configuration.

Most aircraft flying today were designed years ago, in a time when pilots did not wear headsets. The stall and gear warning horns were placed in the cockpit where they would sound for everyone in the airplane to hear. Times have changed. Today most pilots wear headsets which block out much of the sound from the cabin, making it more difficult to hear the warning horns mounted in the aircraft. Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets are designed specifically to block out the background cabin sounds including the warning horns which must be heard. With the addition of other electronic equipment each having a different warning alert it becomes difficult to distingish between the warning sounds, and it is easy to miss devices that only provide a visual warning.

Voice Alert is the answer. Whenever the existing stall horn sounds, the pilot will hear the instantly recognizable voice message "STALL, STALL" from the built in speaker, and directly in his headset. If the gear warning horn sounds, the pilot will hear the voice message "CHECK LANDING GEAR, CHECK LANDING GEAR" alerting of the problem. If any of the other devices connected to the voice alert sound, the pilot will hear an individual message alerting him of the condition. No more confusion over which horn is sounding. These voice messages are in addition to the original horn sounds.

Installation of the P/N 2040-1-1 system is similar to the P/N 2040-1-2 system except for the interconnect to the other warning devices in the aircraft. This system is approved for installation as a supplemental warning device and is to be used in addition to the originally installed equipment.

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